The Game Awards 2021: Announcements

The Game Awards gave us an exciting look back at all the outstanding games from this year but not only that we got a glimpse at lots of incredible games and films coming in the future! We’ve compiled all the most exciting announcements from this years Game Awards in case you missed it If you… Continue reading The Game Awards 2021: Announcements

Fortnite Chapter 2 Finale

Fortnite chapter 2 draws to a close with another truly stunning event! Join Ultimo team member Ash as they give you a first hand experience with this world changing event. The event saw an epic battle between the players and the Cube Queen as she sends hordes of her minions at us before ripping a… Continue reading Fortnite Chapter 2 Finale

What happened to Twitch?

October 6th 2021 saw streaming giant Twitch have it’s source code leaked onto 4chan alongside the earnings of some of the sites top streamers. Although there was no evidence of users login information being stolen Twitch quickly reset stream keys and encouraged users to reset their passwords. This massive breach raised a lot of questions… Continue reading What happened to Twitch?