Fortnite Chapter 2 Finale

Fortnite Chapter 2 draws to a close with a multiverse changing event

Ultimo GG 06/12/2021

Fortnite chapter 2 draws to a close with another truly stunning event!

Join Ultimo team member Ash as they give you a first hand experience with this world changing event.

The event saw an epic battle between the players and the Cube Queen as she sends hordes of her minions at us before ripping a hole in the universe in an attempt to destroy the cube and this reality.

All seems lost as the cube is destroyed and we get an awesome cutscene of Jonesey being rescued by The Foundation, who we discover is none other than Dwayne (The Rock) Johnson! As players then escape through the bunker into the heart of the island and watch the island itself flip into the new map bringing this monumentus event to a close.

But thats not all only a day later an update drops and we get to see the new map and the beginning of season 3, but we recommend watching the video yourself!

Epic Games continually outdoes themselves with these incredible live events and we here at Ultimo are excited to see what journeys they take us on with this new season.

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